Repair Pools in Costa Blanca | Torrevieja | Elche | Guardamar | Alicante | Orihuela | Murcia :

In order to improve the maintenance swimming pools, Pools Moya will also give advice on the care and operation of your pool informing you of any problems/faults and rectifying them after acceptance from the client.

Examples of repairs swimming pools :

  • Repair of leaks.
  • Engine repair and water treatment plants.
  • Filter sand change.
  • Replacement of skimmers, filters, bulbs ...
  • Tile repair or replacement.
  • Grouting of Swimming Pools ...

Photo Gallery:

Replacing tile: (click above image to enlarge)

Empty Pool Remove Tile Remove Tile
New Tile Tile Picture Renovated Pools

Grouting Swimming Pool: (click above image to enlarge)

Grouting pool Remove tile tile repair
new tile tile with image pool reform

Change Sand : (click above image to enlarge)

Sand Filter Opening filter Water Suction Dirty sand
Aspiration Sand New sand Close filter Proper filtering

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