Salt Water Chlorination in Costa Blanca | Torrevieja | Elche | Alicante | Orihuela | Murcia :


Many people are now choosing to change to Salt Water Systems and we can, with a minimum investment, convert your pool to salt water, reducing the running costs, enabling you to enjoy your pool as if you were in the sea, enjoying the natural salt water.

Everything is Advantages:

  • Health: This system helps to alleviate skin irritation and eye problems that chlorine often provokes.
  • Efficiency: Prevents the formation of algae and bacteria.
  • Comfort: The salt water has iodine that produces a more natural suntan, it protects the hair and it also stops the fading of your swimwear.
  • Security: Avoid the risks of transportation, manipulation and dosage of the chlorine.
  • Ecology: Respect for the environment because it does not require any chemical.
  • Economy: 100% savings on chemicals derived from chlorine. Maintenance savings.

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